REACHING OUT TO AFRICA



Our trip to Ghana in 2008 demonstrated to the group that went on this trip that the needs for things such as school supplies and books are precious items that children in Africa take very serious. We committed that we would make a difference on our return back to the Stated. One of the first things we did was to collect school text books. We collected over 19,000 elementary ,middle, and high school text  books.

We collected math, science, social sciences, geography, reading, spelling, literature along with many other subject matters. Because of the shipping expenses, we were compelled to store these books until an opportunity came that allowed us to ship them. Yaaba teamed up with Save More Kids in 2015 that allowed us to finally send those books to Liberia.

Save More Kids which is a Liberian based organization NGO in Liberia and a 501(3)(c) organization in the USA, was at the forefront sending over 2,000 fifty pound rice and other essential medical supplies to Liberia during the Ebola crisis. This rice campaign was accomplished with the support of Save More Kids organization along with local support group the Long Shoremen's Union in Charleston SC. The Long Shoremen's Union along with the Maritime Shipping Association acquired and three (40) foot containers which were donated to carry the books and the other essential goods to Liberia.

These books were delivered in May 2015 and have been distributed to the various schools by the Save More Kids organization. We will continue these effort with your continued support. Our fundraising efforts are to not only to send youth to Africa but to support our ongoing humanitarian effort to support those in need on the African continent.  
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